June 8, 2015



Sun/Mars in Gemini, Moon/Neptune in Pisces.
Venus in Leo.

Jupiter/Uranus is a Major player at the moment.

You can’t really close your eyes and wait until it’s over.
You have to function, your actions have consequences, and here you are moving ahead, to where? To WHERE?

Yes yes, that would be the ideal, but are these flawed and powerful steps the ones you take to get there?

Are they?

Pluto seems to be forcing a lot of hands.
There is a shell game running, and it truly is hard to see if you can’t look underneath. Or if you have to do it anyway…

Retro-Merc/Neptune still the rendering the details unknowable.
did somebody say ~fine print~ ?

How can life change so fast, and move so slow?

or the other way?

Love YOU!!!



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