June 6, 2013


It is now, and continues to be about Messages!

Can I just keep saying that?

Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron = Grand Trine in Water
patching up old wounds?

Is it real? Is it?

Is anything?

It’s very loving energy if you are into it.
Still busy though!
still surprising!

It’s like a loving couple wandering through the forest
and kicking over dead logs
…all the creepy crawly things squirm out,

They walk through a spider web, and what’s that?
Ugh it’s on your sweater!

Maybe today is kind of deep for one reason or another,
maybe the couple spreads out a blanket in a sunlit patch.
Maybe today is a day they will remember for a long while…

The news is Neptune turning around Friday,
and The New Moon in Gemini Saturday!

I’ll be posting about Neptune Retro today,
+ a little more on the Eclipse pattern, and what to expect in November!

Check back laterz!



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2 Responses to June 6, 2013

  1. Katherine says:

    At present, I have Saturn in the 12th, Neptune and Chiron in the 4th and Venus and Mercury in the 8th….water trine in water houses. This Libra and her Gemini husband had a really rough 4 years. He decided he was right and I was always wrong i.e. mid-life crisis. During the past few weeks, things have started to turn around; much patience,understanding and yes, healing. I am looking forward to this summers Trine especially since my transiting Jupiter will be conjunt natal 8th house Uranus in Cancer. Your posts are inspiring and I love the images.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Katherine,
    Thanks for writing! I’m glad you enjoy it!
    Very happy to hear that things are improving for you and your husband! <3
    I love the sound of that Jupiter/Uranus in Cancer. Good Surprises.
    I'm so SO curious to see how these water aspects play out, it feels very special and honestly, we need it! The sky is so epic! xo

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