June 4, 2015


Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn tapped by both the Gemini Sun Mars/Retro-Merc/ and Leo Jupiter.

Family themes, mixed messages, violence, coercion, obligation.

Brought to mind my father’s favorite movie.
When he said ~ I’m going to watch my movie~ He Got Game is what he meant.

A disturbance in your mind? At home?
The unseen does an awful lot of work here.

At times absence is terrifically loud.

Retrograde Saturn at Zero degrees Sag. just about to slip.

darkdarkdarkness around the corner.
Venus at 29 Cancer, tomorrow she puts on her finery.
Today she simply cares.

Emotional, what it takes to control those tears.

Or let it happen,
Perfect day for a worthy cry.

A lucky break for our Lions
or in the house where you have Leo

It’s becoming more and more possible.
Reach for it!

Jupiter to Uranus 19 to 17, moving closer to perfection.

Chiron/Neptune still tripping dancers and spiking drinks.

Don’t prove what you are worth. Show it.

Love YOU!!!


I mean,
Gemini Sun, Merc-Retro, and Mars continue to
square Pisces Neptune/Chiron:



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