June 4, 2014


Taurus Venus loves the nearly Virgo Moon and Crab Mercury,
Create something, a beginning?
What kind of a conversation gives birth?
Do it with your hands because it feels good?

You’ll still need a dialog, even with yourself, if no one is available.
thinking, thinking…
The Sun trines Mars there’s your ~go for it!~

Water Trine still active: Saturn, Chiron, Jupiter
the opportunities that strange timing affords,
painful awakenings, the limits of luck, is that luck itself?

Pluto jolts the Sun, the reasons behind the reasons lurking around, nearly undefinable,
How can Gemini choose?

It could have been because your father was a drunk, or because intimacy was calling you…

The whys faction off into fractal multiplicates,
then disperse like pebbles thrown in river water… bounced along…
Surely we are available for more than one why…

Who has time to pursue it? Sweetness is calling, and not subtly either.

Oh that Neptune! For a good time he’ll call Venus and Mercury, and later tonight, the Moon.
No mistaking it…

Love YOU!!!


Audrey was a major 3rd house (gemini’s house) Taurus!
Sun, Jupiter, Chiron, North Node.
Neptune in Leo across from her Aqua ASC.
Mercury in Gemini, Pisces Moon, Saturn in Cap.
and a Mars/Pluto in Crab square Uranus in Aries!
Venus in Aries too! Just a little go for it in that chart!
Woe betide anyone who messes with someone Audrey was trying to protect!
Audrey’s Chart HERE

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2 Responses to June 4, 2014

  1. Tam says:

    Awesome painting! Wow

    “The whys faction off into fractal multiplicates” Love that. That would be a great opening for a book.

    Love the use of multiplicates, I’m taking it for myself. 🙂 A new Aries Sun friend (my Moon is conjunct her Vertex exact degree) is eagerly trying to adjust to my “language”.

    I can see why I have always liked Audrey Hepburn, her chart makes several aspects to my chart. I would have said she was a Pisces Sun if asked to guess though.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Tam!!

    Sargent is just the best! Always so precise and so abstract both!!! <3 !!!
    Thanks for that! I'm happy you like it 🙂 I guessed Gemini for Audrey, with Pisces as a second guess! I think her Taurusness gives her sort of a creaminess, that stabilizes the rest of her chart. Yay for new friends! I always have Aries in my life. I love how they know what they want, it's so relaxing! xoxo

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