June 4, 2013


The Sun is still in Gemini!!!

Talk talk talk to me!
Taurus Moon howevs


Grand Trine in Water as posted about yesterday….
Moon Jupiter takes a chance?
some things slip right in to place….
and others? What do they do?

They umm….

Creamed Crab anyone?

Sally Lightfoot Crab (Grapsus grapsus)

You know how I always say Crabs just can’t catch a break?
As beautiful planets line up in Cancer,
Uranus and Pluto are right there to beat them up.

You crustaceans have been through So Much to get So Little,
that you just may not give a care!

Or maybe it’s so much to get SO MUCH.
Self determination cannot be underestimated!

For everyone:
It looks like family/emo/old lovers… what is it…. email?
Phone call if you are lucky (unlucky)…
a text?


There is a fly in my soup!!
Or since it’s Pluto/Uranus/Venus/Merc…
Mars/Neptune in Full Effect!

maybe it’s an eyeball…. Just who is that waiter torturing in the back room?!?

Whatev! Busy week and you can’t be bothered!

There is fun stuff happening too!
Perhaps you are having fun being baaaaaaad!

Not toooooo bad. Just the right amount!

Taurus Moon = Pleasure!
It’s on!

If that doesn’t work for you, try this:

So Serious!
I don’t think anyone is going to throw her off her game!

Not at this day and time!






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