June 3, 2014


The lens you look through on the way to becoming
That lens is everything, and what becomes possible, what you see as possible…

Don’t count your self out.

Emotions aren’t reasons, they are emotions.
No less worthy, but this is baby with the bathwater time.

Make sure your nose stays on your face, if that is where you want it.
To do what is right for you, you may have to discount the reasons you want to do otherwise.
There are facts, and there are fantasies.

It’s facts you can manipulate actually.
fantasies are dust, fairy dust, smoke and mirrors…
I would never deny anyone mirrors or smokes,
there are probable miracles, but perhaps not predictable ones

It’s facts which you can lay out on the table,
puzzle through and arrange to your best advantage.

Mars in Libra is a tactician, and as Mercury slows to turn,
we may have to revisit ye olde core issues: Home and Family.

Love YOU!!!



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