June 3, 2013


Are we there yet?

Venus moves to Crab today.
That’s a nice soft place for Venus.
She gets in on the Grand Water Trine

Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune
Time to make concrete plans?
Trying to fulfill your dreams?

Dark of the Moon now, take it easy… even in Aries

New Moon in Gemini Saturday!!!
Neptune Retro Friday.

Messages are sent… some more pleasant than others!
Bound to be a shocker or two even if you saw it coming…

So count that, along with the rest of this….
For the Week:

*Capricorn Under pressure, as ever, learning to hear your creative voice, becoming who you are meant to be. That’s the key..There is some fun to be had in your daily life… Looking for LOVE? It’s looking right at you!

*Gemini What do you value, and whom? Security, Money Love? It’s alright to be conflicted, but the less you hide from yourself, the better you fare. Talking about it relieves some of the pressure. You don’t have to know the future, just the truth in your own heart. It’s ok if it’s complicated. Value yourself. Doors are still opening.

Talking it over or finding what you need around town? If you have the chance to make a pile of money…. well I know you’ll like that. Tricky balance for you, work and ?… Some kisses are more complicated than others, but a kiss is nice, right?

*Aries Something to love at home, or time to recharge? Are old friends the best? Should you have a party at your house, something low-key?

*Sagittarius…. oooooh sexy, intimacy of one sort or another, don’t forget that your $ and your values are at play in your love life.

*Aquarius creative busy bee this week, fun at work or with kids… is your hard work and faith coming together? Surprises, yes, also… beautiful and sweet rewards?

As serious as some things are, you can still have fun in bed! Balance, Power, Expand your mind…? There is an extra slice of pie waiting if you get out of the house and trust your dreams, could it be you need to travel?

*Leo Trusting yourself is a messy piece of biz, and for certain the way in to your future. What kind of signs and symbols are showing up.. a timeless message about your love and values..shhhh… listen! Do you or don’t you fit in? People still want to play with you!

*Libra Everyone can see you, and you look BEAUTIFUL. What’s more, your authority is returning! Your home life may still be crazy, where is your focus? But… is your boss going to give you a present? Are you the boss?

*Crabs between what you have to let go of/take on faith, and the love that shows up, it’s been worse, but is it good? Well, good things are coming, slowly now, some you can’t see at all this week… : ( and when they show… better late than never!

*Pisces Are you going to be in a play or a show? Are you going to let someone read that manuscript, or see your painting? Music, Children and home life, that’s where it’s at…Sleepy? some part of you maybe slowing down to make sure your headed in the right direction, reviving old dreams?

*Virgo have you made good on your promises? Unfinished biz? Do it! Have the talk. Clear out, own up, move on. You are still getting invited to work on projects… SWEET! A busy Virgo is a happy one!


Today: Quiet Shocker?
Aries Moon/Uranus, Mars in Gemini, Merc in Crab = What are you going to say?

Love YOU!!!!


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