June 28, 2013


Merc Retro is strong!
Breakdowns, Going off in random directions,
missed connections and rethinks
Tedious Details!!!!
The Sun at 7 degrees Crab begins to come with within orb of Pluto,
Uranus Stations with an itchy trigger finger and Saturn is just waiting with a K.O. Punch.

HIT ME! I’m ready!
I’m the most impatient patient person you will ever meet.
We are in the dark here,
even as Venus Moves to LEO!

I know!!! We begin to express what we want.
With Saturn right there to prove desires must be negotiated with reality
every single time. BOO!

It won’t be until the New Moon in Crab/ Saturn Direct on July 7th/8th
that this party gets started properly!
Even then we will be dealing with some past biz,
but we may actually like it,
or at least like the fact that there is movement/progress!

A new start.
A way forward. That’s all I ever want!

It’s a really beautiful New Moon.
Mercury conjuncts the Sun and Moon,
and the whole thing trines the North Node in Scorpio, and Chiron in Pisces.

Good News resolving old issues?
I really like Chiron and the North Node here,
this is classic healing progress.

Such a hypnotic album.
This was playing everywhere in Ubud, however many thousand years ago I was roaming around.
I love it when you hear a song blasting from every cafe,
and street corner, and that’s the song of your summer.

What do you think about Nelson Mandela,
leaving the earthly plane on his Jupiter Return in Cancer?

I have been thinking about him lately,
as his life is a easy access to perspective.
Things CHANGE. Not always at the speed you expect.
There don’t seem to be any shortcuts,
but is there progress? Development?

Very fitting to let go of earth, with Jupiter,
for a man who lived as a symbol of Freedom.
Nelson did a total of 28 years in prison, (saturn)
18 years Hard Labor.
18 years breaking rocks, and living in a 7 by 8 foot concrete cell.
Jeremy Neal has a great chapter on Mandela in in his book on Orcus.
The arc of his life was an epic journey,
that surely must have seemed to come to a stand still more than once.
The ways in which progress is made are astounding!
Who is writing this script?!
Is it us?

It’s a dance alright!

For today,

Happy Friday!
Keep your balance on that floating ball spinning beneath your feet!

Love YOU!!!!


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