June 26, 2013


-It is life that does the thinking all around us, forming with playful ease the connections our reason can only laboriously patch together piecemeal, and never to such kaleidoscopic effect.– Robert Musil

Why does a beginning look like the end?

The same?

The same.

All the work, the discipline it takes to be still, to be slow.

Watch the dancer to the end, her body full of pain and magic.

The Moon is in Aquarius.

Saturn and Uranus both vibrating loudly.

Jupiter is a new born baby generously drinking breast milk, or formula,
as somewhere, a mother looks down at her tit thinking.... wha…?

so it’s like this eh?

Mercury turns back.
Could we just move forward without the double dose of poignancy?
Could we stop driving around looking backward and tapping the breaks?



Aqua Moon is your best shot.
Deal with the form and let the emotions slip around until the become recognizable shapes.

These inkblots! Why God!?

New landscapes take time to firm up.
Venus will prance around in Leo, once it’s settled, but the Saturn Smackdown,
is there just waiting.

If Saturn gives it a go, it’s on.

work work work work

Love YOU!!!!


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