June 24, 2013


Optimistic and hanging by a thread?

Proof is in short supply,
do we expect these doors to just suddenly open, automatic airport style..
as if they knew we were coming?

Well I wish they would!!!

Tricky tricky.

Later this week and next… a grand entrance?
a finale? a new beginning?
Or a much needed, enormous, life changing, 180?
the last round of negotiations?

Merc Retro insures more Connections and Conversations are in the works,
not merely conceptual,

This time new and improved, with real feeling!


Hang on to that branch Kittens.
Keep breathing, keep LOVING.

Something is about to give, and some generosity is headed your way.

Sweeping you up?
Sweeping you open?
Sweeping you away?

There is stability here, and better yet,

POSSIBILITY that magic word!

Much of this is God’s work,
although if you don’t do yours,
you can rest assured there is no silver platter of goodies for you.
Not so much because God won’t deliver!
It’s just that you will not even see it!
Not even when you are holding the keys to the castle,
if you are not prepared to work, to take a risk, to crack the egg and make the damn omelet,
you are simply not prepared!

You got to meet the man, you got to meet him at least half way coming and going.
And by God, I absolutely mean ENERGY,
and by meeting him, I mean do not let Saturn find you wanting,
take care of your biz.

Not everything rests in your hands,
but have you done right?
Bueno! That’s what I thought.

We are rounding a corner here with Fate in the driver’s seat.
I’m a curious cat, and my impatience is showing!

Moon still in Capricorn, backing up that Saturn feeling!
Biz today: take care of it!

It’s alright if you are a little sleepy or a spacecase.
Today, the sky supports that too…

If you want to chat, give me a shout!



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9 Responses to June 24, 2013

  1. jgirl says:

    so far things have not gone as well as i’d initially hoped… but i feel i handled it well (especially under the full moon this weekend)… really hoping once jupiter is officially in cancer, the positive changes, that 180, yes, will take place… i really wish those doors were automatically open too… tricky indeed. looking forward to the mercury retro as well, because i think it will be benificial in my situation (though the station in my sign caused some serious miscommunications between me and gemini over the weekend)… waiting for that grand entrance… optimistic but hanging by a threat is pretty much where i’m currently at (while everyone who’s watched my situation from the outside thinks im absolutely nuts)…

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey jgirl,
    Without looking at your love interest’s chart, I really can’t say. The Key to Jupiter energy is that it is an expansion. An Opening and an opportunity to learn. The house that Jupiter transits will see the gift of a larger perspective. Jupiter represents freedom, buoyancy, and understanding. xo

  3. Astrocat says:

    been hangin like that bat for a couple years now ..

  4. Jen says:

    And Saturn’s coming out of retrograde soon, too? The tides really are shifting!

  5. o_lightning says:

    Hi Astrocat!
    well, I guess people know where to find you! xo

  6. o_lightning says:

    Hi Jen,

    Yes! I expect to see a lot of movement with Saturn direct! That is HUGE. Venus goes in to LEO, as well, so our desires will show! Thanks for writing! xo

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