June 21, 2013


Happy Birthday Crabs!!!

You are going to have to trust your luck.
After all that has(n’t) happened, it may seem like you don’t have any,
But you do.
You must!
It’s In there, Out there, Over there, SOMEWHERE

Chin up, OK?
The sky is emotionally rich, and you may need an outlet of some kind to feel satisfied.
Don’t sit home and do your laundry all alone and wonder why you aren’t happy.
Connections and opportunities…
Wandering around works well too…

Sagittarius Moon,
You have to admit,
this splits the difference between Sag. and Crab right down the middle!

hahaha Diplo! Man, what does he do wrong?!
Almost nothing, amiright?

It’s kind of an explorers weekend.
Or a good time to play with your favorite peeps,
or meet some new ones!

Even if you are mostly absorbed in taking care of biz,
Let there be a moment of freedom…
The idea is to be open to experience, to take some chances,
or see the old in a new light…
Perspective: it’s a possibility.


There is the climb, and there is the mountain,
is it the same thing?

With Venus and Merc at 22 degrees Crab
and a skitzy Sun/Jupiter Crab/Gemini combo…
what’s Mars up to?
Oh he’s just visiting Planet Gemini,
traipsing along, not quite out of his mind…

Listen, whatever you are playing at…just turn the Music up!

What else?
We are building toward that Capricorn Full Moon on Sunday!
Reality revealed?
Yes, but with support to handle it.

Love YOU!!!!



Check this Out

It’s my old pals reunited, with a good cause for friends and family.
Take a listen!

Fun right?


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