June 20, 2014 Cardinal T-Square Dynamic Sky


Cardinal T-Square this weekend…
and the big Question is:

HOW are you Changing?

WHAT have you Changed?

The more you can answer actively, the better you are using the energy.
You can’t sit this one out.




Disaster? Freedom? Conflict?

INNOVATION: there is a key word for what we have going!

What can you INNOVATE?

Which way to the NEW?

Aries Moon Conjunct Uranus in the Cardinal T-Square, CLICK THIS
It’s as true now as ever!

The more you stay in the present, almost as if the past was only cobwebs to be brushed away, the more a fresh world is created as you see it anew.
It springs to life under your gaze.

Mercury slips past the Sun while the two trine the North Node in Libra:
Our minds are flexible, taking what they need to make logistical leaps toward balance.
Dance steps, and some of them nimble.

Venus says yes to Jupiter’s advances.
Chiron trines Saturn pound for pound.


It’s Chiron’s retrograde, so this is the Station.
Our Centaur activates Saturn, as he prepares to turn around.
Chiron/Saturn is a creative energy,
there is the depth of individualism stamped in that signature,
building it your own way, to last.


Happy Friday!!

don’t fight if you can help it!
But sometimes that fuse is short for a reason.
Value yourself and you’ll breathe easier!
Have a Beautiful Weekend!!

Love YOU!!!


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