June 20, 2013


How did Gemini Season go so fast?!
Wait, come back, I’m not done flirting yet!!!

Here we go Crab! It’s about to get very wet!


This is a transitional moment, and that thrum you hear in the background,
is not only the Full Moon in Cap. trying to get your attention,
as it underscores actual life changes coming up with Saturn direct,
no not yet, but soon So SOON,

I’ll give you a post about it!

It’s the sound of Jupiter changing signs,
it’s the fact that our lives can not be run by ideas,
no matter how brilliant.

As Cancer and the Grand Trine in Water is about to show us,
to make the changes we desire, we will have to deal with past,
with our emotional inheritance, and with whatev we may wish to gloss over,
what we would have loved to sweep under the rug.

Can we just skip ahead?
No way, but an elegant tidal wave is coming.
A fast moving river of strong and magnificent proportions.

We have gathered enough information.

You heard me!

Starting to come from our CORE, the HEART.

We will have support in this.
That’s a promise.
Deeply considered emotional bravery is rewarded,

as is this idea:

-Let it GO-

Yep. write that down. You heard it here! hahaha

We Will Talk More Soon!
Make contact today, people need people.

Love YOU!!!


*pic by The Sartorialist!

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2 Responses to June 20, 2013

  1. jgirl says:

    so excited! no more gemini flirting! time to commit! haha just kidding. not really. 😉 my cancer sun is 7 degrees in my 7th and i’m very excited for this summer and the next year.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey jgirl,

    So Happy for your happiness! I love it! Totally contagious. Wishing you all the best moving ahead! <3

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