June 1st, 2015


Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn, there is that wall.
A comfort, a support, a barricade, a loss?

You can feel the Full Moon in Sagittarius just behind it,
the feeling that things are about to open up…
and that’s a good thing… or?

The simplicity of ultimates, the intrigues that ultimates inspire,
the grey area that circles ’round finality,
is it a murder mystery,
or a sex scandal?

Perhaps it’s nothing more than that final thought left unsaid.
Is it loud?

What is so killing, that can not be described?
Or like ice, that can not last out of it’s environment, not for long.

Too cold to hold?

Hold still, and listen.

Scorpio Moon today, better investigate.
I mean, watch where you point that thing. I mean hold your advantage, it may save you.
I mean, depth acceptance is a super power if you want to next level on this,
and yet…

Better speak up if you are choking,
Gemini is nimble… find a way…

Love You!!!



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