June 18, 2015


The Moon is at home in Crab,

Humanity as family

Family as resource & responsibility we might like to evade.
~good luck with that~


Sweet water from a deep well,
or poison water transformed with a drop of our own,
or (foreign) blood.

The sky loves a fairytale right now.
Position yourself as the player you would like to be.
Princess, Knight, are you on a Quest?

Our Moon is in a loose face off with Pluto
danger past the tipping point.

Jupiter trines Uranus Leo to Aries 19 to 19
The early bird catches the worm,
or the unexpected cat sneaks up on the early bird…

Venus close to Jupiter by tomorrow the Moon joins them in LEO
Deep Enjoyment (partypartyparty)

Hey!! Where you going?!


Fire signs/placements see a windfall, an open door,
a free lunch, a way out, a new hope, an expansion to an unknown world

A Ghetto Hour 011: Africa by Ghettospheric on Mixcloud

Meanwhile the Sun & Mars are conjunct in Gemini,
the combo inconjunct retro Saturn in Scorpio.

The details won’t take care of themselves.
Doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.
What you don’t know, what you fear,
might hold you back,
even/or especially if you are not fully aware it’s happening.

fix it, feature it, or forget it…
I mean…

If your going to do it, do it right.

Sun/Mars in Gemini turns over every stone looking for clues,
makes the call, the connection.

(shadow) Mercury square Neptune doesn’t let you in on all the results.
Something is still missing
Not every dot connects.

Faith, Cats & Kittens, Faith.

and ummmmm on the weekend



Love YOU!!!!


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