June 18, 2014



It’s a Neptune Chiron sandwich around the Moon.

What you don’t see is just as important as what you do see.
The reflections we make, are they distortions or revelations?

Venus sextiles Jupiter, could be worse! 🙂

shhhhhh….whisper, tell me a secret.
Sun/Mercury wants to know.

Maybe you already do know, but you wouldn’t mind hearing it said.

Gemini/Pisces Ambivalence/Amorality factor is active,
does it make life more or less tolerable?

Shall we say both?

Perception shapes the thought, and the thought returns the favor.

Ornette Colman is a Pisces Sun/Venus with Jupiter in Gemini!
Mars/Mercury in Aquarius, Aquarius Asc. Stands to reason he is Mister Inventive!
Uranus in Aries to rule that Aqua! AND Saturn in Capricorn to do the same. Plus keep his timing tight! Actual discipline implied!
Neptune in Virgo: elevate the specifics.
Moon and Pluto in Crab. I love the Pluto in Crab generation.
Something about them!?! It’s the depth of generosity, maybe, a level of commitment.
Crab being the feminine sign of endings, she has layer of elements that harmonize with Pluto, tenacious & infinitely substantive, curious too,
it’s energy that will press on until all is revealed, or no need to press,
because Crab Pluto X-rays for feelings automatically. They know what they know.

Love YOU!!!



Want to see a cosmic dance for REALZ? It’s got 600,000 Asteroids in it!

What about this? An earth inside earth?


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