June 15, 2015


Gemini themes continue on unabated.
double double, double, and not the mirror image, not the same.

Something more creative.
A fork in the road, but no real choice.


Did we just get closer together or further apart?

Both! amirite?

Saturn in Scorpio sends a chill through the most heated conversation.
It’s good to know the truth,

Is that bottom line you feel closing in, or setting you free?

It sure does seem like there was flooding at the zoo this weekend!
Plenty of craycray along with some deep revelations.

Neptune themes: love, art, longing, drugs, escape, water, booze, glamour, loss, redemption…

pick a card, any card…

Today release, tomorrow regroup.

New Moon in Gemini maƱana.
I’ll post about it, asap!

Love YOU!!!


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