June 14, 2013


There is sort of a double bind that hinges on communication.


Early Cardinal Chaos?

Who is having epic dreams? Who is having epic life?

The Moon is heading into Virgo for the weekend!
Take care of the details, and they will take care of you…
Or at least you’ll know you tried

It’s going to be hit by nearly retro Chiron on Saturday
I’m cleaning!
It’s one of those trust yourself moments.
There is a slow reveal personal awareness/revelation,
a possibility of strengthening in the works.

As hectic as some things are, there really are openings in all directions..
Is that part of the problem?
Can you say yes and no at the same time?

Is there any such thing as being direct?

Can you know your own mind? Maybe yes, but it’s not exactly a sound bite.


Love YOU!!!


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4 Responses to June 14, 2013

  1. Michael says:

    Epic dreams? Is that Neptune retrograde? Or the Cardinal T-square?

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Michael,
    Thanks for writing!
    I think it’s both. Neptune retro in Grand Trine formation hinges on that Venus/Mercury in Crab, and that’s the Cardinal T-Square as well. Mercury is in the shadow zone of the retrograde, and this is really the most active shadow zone I have seen in ages… the activation of all the water signs… brings it up to a whole other level:
    intuition/synchronicity/indirect action/confusion, factor in Chiron retro….. this sky is DEEP! And the potential uses of symbolism/potent dreams/waking dreams, there are opportunities. And with Saturn involved it’s real! xo

  3. jgirl says:

    so amazing, things area already feeling so much better now that we’re out of that square… my cancer sun was feeling it emotionally big time, but i stayed calm and made it through the week without a hitch thank goodness 🙂 the gemini and i have plans made for next week 🙂 very excited for what this summer is bringing, and chiron will be transiting retro in my 2nd, and i have chiron natally in my 5th, so im hoping between the sun, jupiter, and venus soon all being in my sign in my natal 7th house, plus the grand trine, that the healing element of chiron will be in what i value about my romantic life, which right now is at issue because i desire a committed relationship… (and children) and i suppose some healing to my financial life wouldnt be bad either, which would happen if we teamed up financially… i feel very hopeful and positive… you were right when you called it a fullness of time scenario… its been an almost 5 year journey with very complex twists and turns but for the first time, the prospect of a real (Saturn) future looks really, really bright… and possible… like, now… dreams coming true? absolutely… at last.

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hey jgirl,
    So happy things are looking brighter! That is wonderful news! <3!

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