June 11, 2013


We know we are going to handle it, when it shows up,
but it’s not completely here yet.

Can we be distracted, enjoy the dream,
even as we are racing,

the jury is out

We have warnings, and we have developments,
and there is a pause rather like a held breath in our hearts,
as we race to do what is right, or even what is necessary.

Events seem to be taking their own time, and we are not exactly treading water,
it’s just that the proportion is off. An hour, a minute, a day, a year…
What is supposed to be happening and when?


If you curl up tight and shut your eyes, can we just wake you when it’s over?
Fate has a hand to play, and it is just that sense of going back…

going back to collect what?
an idea?
a new way to observe your machinations?

As Airy (and busy) as it is with the Sun/Mars/Jupiter in Gemini,

Our thoughts are subtle and incisive,
procedure is illusive,
it’s not that you can’t take the steps, it’s just… are those right?

go ahead, go down these avenues…
deep and irrefusable,
find out what’s over there.

The idea is to Open Up…
There is some kind of paradox or mystery calling us,
The union of opposites?

Venus Opposition Pluto today, and tomorrow.
Placing that Cardinal T-Square at the center of the action,
turning the water wheel that is the Grand Trine.

What happens to your love, to your security?
It looks more acute than devastational, this is part of the bigger picture,
there is something for you here.

Love YOU!!!!



this one is for Crabs, or anyone who needs a good cry…


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4 Responses to June 11, 2013

  1. Tam says:

    Appropiate but brutal song for the astrology! 🙂

    I just realized yesterday that today is the 8th anniversary of a Plutonian death of sorts for me. It feels like a closure, too bad there isn’t an eclipse today to seal the deal. As Bob Seager said “turn the page”.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Tam,
    Sometimes it seems there is so much to let go of, as though one could let go endlessly, but something does happen, and the page turns.
    I think Venus opp Pluto + Grand Trine/ T-square counts as heavy astro enough to seal in anything!
    Wishing you all kinds of closure release, and new fresh starts!
    The bob seger is classic : )
    That song was choking me up today, this version even more so… I couldn’t watch the whole thing…
    love you! xoxx

  3. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    I had never heard that song before..but do you know what? I found myself listening to it randomly on youtube on Sunday evening. It was the Carter family. And now it pops up again. Definitely feeling the neptune rx and approach of merc rx…the deja vu and synchronicities starting to hit, like the tape went on rewind. Just wish that the uranus/pluto square would go away…the tension is quite unbearable and its killing my vibe! Your blog provides much needed support as always! xoxo

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hey Sophiepiscesmoon,
    Happy to see you! I hear you on the vibe killage. 🙁 It’s not easy energy! That’s wild about the song! I’ve listened to that one for ages and it still gets to me. I think this Merc Retro may be kinda huge. Rethinking emotions/family/connections/habits/just feelings…. there is some built in ouch for certain. But Crab IS cardinal energy, and does know how to break from the past. They are one of the best at it actually! Sending love. xox

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