June 10, 2015


This morning I went to my uncle’s wiki page for no particular reason.
Both he and my father are long gone, and gone too the worlds they inhabited.

The sensation of of time both looping and slipping. The inaccessibility of the past, and the inevitability of family patterning, one way or another.

Somehow that lead me over HERE for some truly great Music and then
HERE a beautiful place for design and more!

Guest Mix 003: Spirtiual Jazz & Soul by Victoria Topping by Ghettospheric on Mixcloud

Do take a listen!

Mercury/Neptune still the big news as Merc prepares to go forward, and Neptune turns back. Early degree mutables, prepare to be blurred!


It’s something about the combination of dissolving and simultaneous heightened sensation, that makes functioning such a challenge.
It’s those days when all the plants are talking to me, and I have to hide under the bed!

Kidding about the hiding, but not about the plants!

Today, Sun/Mars at 19/20 Gemini

Aries Moon, wake up!
Get back into it!

A jolt is in the works for tomorrow! No lie.
It does come with an opportunity: take it!

Love YOU!!!!



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4 Responses to June 10, 2015

  1. Tam says:

    What do plants talk about? 🙂 Mine would probably say “excuse me I could use some water here”

    Awesome dress! She looks straight out of the ’70’s.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam,
      I find they do ask for water!! lol!! Not kidding, they also seem to appreciate the breeze. Things like that. <3
      Agree, that dress is SO 70's and she SO rocks it! Just wild! 🙂

  2. connelly567 says:

    Oh Dear, natal 8 degree Venus in first house Sag. I’m tired of blurry, I want to charge full steam ahead.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey connelly567,
      Under this astro there is plenty of both. 🙂 Sometimes you gotta cross your fingers and go for it, though the outcome is uncertain… <3

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