June 10, 2013



There is no real time to do so many, many, of the things that must be done,
while the larger issues loom over you,
and you begin to swim through them….
or at least closer up.
family loyalty, commitment, famous last words, on your way out the door?
Who can stop to even have the crisis that clearly must be had?

Gemini = choices, this road has a couple of forks after all

What does saying yes imply anyway?
If you don’t say no, did you say YES?

We do not have the full picture…
not yet, intentions lag behind words, and the full story is not yet in evidence.

Is it being written now?

In a word, YES.

Why is everyone showing up at your house,
or are you at their house?
What do they want?


Neptune and the longing for release,
to let go and dive into the life of someone else,

To be a stranger to everything you have ever known…
to forget, and swim deeper, is that Freedom?
Is it a trap?

Double YES.
It’s all that and a bag of chips!

Crisis points arrive, and must be handled, meanwhile ordinary life spins on,
somehow faster

to whom do you owe what? and what do you want to give them?

Keep breathing. Slow. Slower.

Did what you learned over the weekend, give you so much more to handle?
a vision of a way forward and huge headache?
Cross things off as you come to them…

look at this:

and listen:

drink up!

go outside, breathe…
Water is working things through, promise.

I’ll be thinking of you!!!

Double LOVE


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2 Responses to June 10, 2013

  1. mg says:

    OMG Omie. This post. Thank you for putting it out there. Feeling the leap of faith, haven’t decided which direction to jump.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey mg,
    You are so welcome! Thanks for writing! Sending lots of good mojo, for your new direction! xo

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