June 1, 2014


This Gemini New Moon is MESSY!!!

So Messy.
Sloppy, Blurry, Confused, Boundaryless,
Mixed Messages Much?!

the fallout continues unabated


We know where we are headed,
but who gets to come with?
What do we get if we go there?


it’s slippery.
We trust who to do what?


Pleasure makes a play,
intimacy, connection, what’s it worth in the light of day?
Who wants you?
who do you want?


It nearly has the feel of a Venus Retrograde, but Venus is in Taurus, her own sign.
It’s the sextile to Neptune, as Neptune prepares to move backward on June 9th, along with Mercury showing his indecisive best as he wavers ready to turn on June 7th
Finish up your paperwork: this is the week.

all on the heels of the New Moon, Mars in Motion, Grand Cross: WAVES.

You want it, well, because it’s what you want,
It feels good on your skin.

This Venus craves sweetness, AND stability

See clearly?

Only with your eyes shut.
It’s worth doing.
Close your eyes and feel your way ahead.

Escape? could we ever?

Uranus makes it harder, that wildcard disconnect.
Chopping up the days with surprise encounters, sudden conditions…

Keep it simple?
Is simple a thing we have any of?

Love YOU!!!!


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