July 9, 2013


Leo Moon, Square Saturn
Crab Sun Conjunct Retro Mercury
Gemini Mars closing in on Crab Jupiter
Fully Operational Grand Trine in Water

Do you have something to Say?


Are you already pre-defensive about the impending smackdown?
Could it be different this time?

People don’t care how you feel about it, what’s the bottom line?
do you feel that way in reverse?

No one is going to enjoy being ignored today.


to my feelings
are YOU paying attention?
give the people some juice.

I have to admit, proof is a beautiful thing.
Show me: evidence.

As your world becomes more pressurized, it’s also possible to have louder fun!
Emphasis on communication, which may or may not be a two way street.


Flexibility makes change possible.
What you wish you could say!
What you wish you didn’t have to say!

Dress up! Show off, Be yourself.
It’s not your job to shake hands with other people’s expectations in fact,
avoid buying in to anyone’s trip at all today.

You know you. Be Loving. Feel Free.

Love YOU!!!!


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