July 6, Mercury Conjunct the Sun & Looking Ahead to Mars conjunct Saturn



Sun/Mercury in relationship to Saturn and Pluto kicked down some pretty heavy truth serum between last night and this morning.

– How do you feel now that you know? –

I def said some things that I had never said before, and bluntly too.

Not that I regret it.

That was Sun/Merc with the opposition and the inconjunct in action!


As they say… -the truth will out-
but sometimes it takes so many years to arrive.

Does it matter?
Howev, it may not be until the week of August 22 through 29th that we see the full magnification and fruition of this moment.

Saturn takes time.
Mars is still catching up.
On August 22 through 29th Mars conjuncts Saturn which is by then Direct.
Boom. Impact.

Mark your calendar,
there is a Grand Trine in Earth on August 23,
at that time, Jupiter in Virgo begins delivering the gifts promised since August 11th 2015.
From August 23 through September 12th, Jupiter in Virgo wraps up his tour, hands out rewards, and heads to Libra.
Stay humble and take care of the details to stay on his good side…

For now, assemble what you know, and see it as the wealth it really is.

Love YOU!!!



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