July 4, Crab New Moon 2016


Try to start something now, within the next 2 days, a week tops.
Make the internal shift.

A commitment to nurturing what you want to grow in your life.


Anything related to house, family, children, food, the personal reflection of your cultivation, for yourself or for those you love, creative, inspired, protective, to provide for, to shelter, to empower.

Money wants to come to you now, got to find a way to let it.

Robin Switzman 2008

It’s your re-boot!
Now not only are your goals clear, but you have a trajectory.

Do you remember way back when I did a look at 2016,
I said the first half of the year was much harder than the second half?
We are crossing that finish line NOW.

(thank God, right?!)


Possibilities open up.

Genuine connections begin to be possible. the sense of being lost in the fog and alone is about to ease up.
The endless waiting for for a window, a thread, a clue, a glimmer, a glimpse,
It’s over.

You can function now. It’s not that is will all be good, it’s that we will have movement and light.
The held breath, the wish for a way out, without even knowing what that way out could look like, that’s done.
All the delays have forced us into contact with ourselves.

Next Stop:
Making the dream real.

Talk to people, They want to say yes.
An inconjuct to Saturn might not let them give you the green, but more likely it’s a checks and balances situation.


We have a Grand Trine in Water.
The Cancer Moon/Sun/Mercury/Venus Trines
Pisces Neptune and Chiron and
Scorpio Mars moving ahead.

Virgo Jupiter/North Node sextiles the Sun/Lunar pile up

Take care of the details and they will take care of you.
And by details I mean, work, paperwork, fixing things, care for your body, pets, favors you promised, food that keeps you healthy, clean it up.

A retrograde Pluto pressurizes the planets in Crab.
The issues are not new, but the opportunities are.

Pluto sextiles Mars and Neptune, it’s a good thing.
Visceral motivation, adds the depth of necessity. Or the feeling of it.
You know where to go.

Love YOU!!!!




p.s. happy 4th if you are in the U.S.A.
This is my July 4th song, let’s use our vulnerability to live more deeply.

Always arriving, never finished, always transforming, never fixed, always fixing, becoming, and open to it, discarding as we go, collecting as we come to it, loving consistently, for only love allows this much growth, letting yourself know everything you do know, and loving anyway, endless.

Come with me?



Remember THIS?

and THIS

how about THIS from 2013?!

How Lucky we are to make it this far!!!


what do you think, should I go back to making movies?



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