July 4, 2015


It’s an Aquarius Moon again for the 4th of July,
just as it was when this Nation was born.

A nation of individuals.

Circles of time just spinning. A widening spiral?

Not really sure what’s going to pan out at the moment?
Which wires are live?


Can’t hold still and not about to…
because you can’t you won’t you don’t stop…
Eeeeep! sorry sorry!!!

Fact is, it was pretty hard for this man to write a bad song.
Mr James Brown had Saturn at home in it’s rulership in Aquarius.
My my, did he ever innovate!

If you were born in the USA, or arrived here to stay,
then no matter the backstory, you are what this country is all about.

Every 4th of July I think of Ultra Aquarian Chan Marshall,
~Cat Power~

Check this: she wrote it with Iggy Pop!

Love YOU!!!!



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