July 4, 2013


Gemini Moon!
With an undercurrent of…. ohyouknow, EVERYTHING!
I kinda like it though.
It’s a time when you can be really honest with yourself,
and glib with everyone else!


I mean,
Between Jupiter and Saturn,
the Grand Trine in Water and the Cardinal-T-Square,
you don’t have to show your cards to everyone,
but if you can’t show them to yourself, get help!

I like the Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune balance.
Babies born around now
are going to be complex with deep resources.
I was wishing I had this Grand Trine in my Natal chart,
or that it would go on forever!
I do have a grand trine actually, but this one is SWEET!

Enjoy it.
Enjoy this time when it is actually possible to handle some of the insane challenges
we have to handle, or time to rest up.
Dark of the Moon.
Deep Breath before the race begins,
before those shoes drop, before the starting gun is fired and we begin again.
This time knowing more, understanding more,
this time ready, or… as we will ever be.

Breathe Deep,
Socialize, yes even in the Dark.

Here is my July 4th song.
It’s got to be played every year: an Aquarian sings about independence.
I’ve talked about Chan Marshall plenty! She sure lives her chart!

Aqua Sun, Crab Asc, Aries Moon/Mars/Chiron!
Pisces Venus, Jupiter/Neptune in Sag.
Her Mercury? Capricorn!
That’s a lot of Power! and a lot of power to handle.

Have you seen her move? Pure Aqua.
Chan has Uranus Conjunct Lilith in Libra, and that describes it!

here is the original, it’s short!

cute, yes?

Have fun today, let me know how it’s going!

Love YOU!!!!


something sentimental for Crabs, and to make Gems roll their eyes,
you know you love it! Neptune!!!


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