July 31, 2013 …and beyond

Goodbye July!
See you next year.
Things are about to HEAT UP!

Uranus still in very tight aspect to Mars,
the whole Mars/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto:
Very much a Game Changer

and a bow stretched tight,
it will snap, more than once!

Exercise caution Saturday/Sunday especially!

August is going to show us some brand new power alignments.
Pluto Opposition Jupiter Style.
Don’t Trip, annnnnnd (don’t mess with mama)

Wending our way to a New Moon in LEO on the 6th.
The New Moon squares Saturn, so like LEOS everywhere right now,
it’s all about learning to navigate actual reality,
not the reality as played on TV.

Today the Moon moves to Gemini!

I heard this for the first time just a few mins ago.

then I heard it for the 5th and 6th time!
What a great marriage of Gemini and Cancer!

We still have Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter, in Crab.
Factor in Gemini… are we making connections? Flirt alert!

Orchestra Baobab! Solid As EVER!!!
one of my all time favs

Good day to be out and about!

Gemini Moon is a super fun mate to the Leo Sun!

Talking about our relationships and our families?
Or just making eyes at your fav bartender?

Have Fun Today!

Love YOU!!!


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