July 3, 2013


What is this?


this life, this time, supposed to be?

That thin line between where you care too much, and where you can’t care at all…
Or it’s not that you can’t care, it’s that….

~is this it? is this how it’s done?~

Receptive/Active is a hard state to manage
(that’s the natural zone of the Crab and even they have trouble with it!)

Feeling safe helps us to act, rather than react,
these connections want to be made, and where are they leading us?


Don’t hold back,
but pay attention, like you would with a wild animal,
listening with your whole body.
What are you listening to?

The sound your life makes as it rubs against every other life you know.

The sound of your ship as you push off from shore.
Things tip in a direction.
Signs and signals from the past to bring you in to the future.
It’s hard to see it happening…slowly slowly, and it’s hard to see anything else.


Let’s hear from another Taurus. Sun conjunct Mercury,
with Saturn and Mars in Scorpio.

You can really hear his Aries Moon/Venus/North Node on that cut!
Uranus on the MC in Crab, and a 5th house Jupiter in Magic Pisces.
Neptune/Libra rising. That Jupiter in Pisces really animates his chart.
With all his Aries, and Libra Asc, Stevie is an active lover!
That LOVE is his gift to everyone!

The right name for the the right man.

Karma is in evidence today, yours, mine,
we have cards and a hand to play…
we have love,
if not from with out, surely from within.

Taurus Moon today,
Saturn will move, and the New Moon will be born…
Next week is HUGE.

If you want to talk, give me a shout!



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