July 28, 2016



Reckless? Or afraid to be reckless?

Restless, and unsure of the antidote?

Sure there is no antidote?

Don’t freeze up.
Connect with your body, your breathing, maybe with someone else’s body too,
sex, but not only sex, the squeeze of a hand or a shoulder, A hug when you need it. The touch of an animal you live with, a cat or dog so excited to see you that they must make contact.

The world around you is infinitely alive, and you are alive within it.

Gemini Moon today
by tomorrow we will see a Mutable Grand Cross that pulls us in all directions Moon/Saturn/Neptune/South and North Nodes.
How to process the past and arrive in the present?

The feeling of being pulled apart. Smothered and dissolved, starved and overfed.
Watching history repeat, amid an alien landscape.

What do you owe?
Emotional responsibility. practical costs,
Dreams that die when you shine a light on them, and hard work that wins out, slowly slowly,
but the life that spins around you is not slow.

A fixed Scorpio Mars square Leo Mercury, with Uranus involved suggests a sudden fight with no winners
It won’t have to play that way, Uranus acts as a mediator, a way out, a release, sending a wake up trine to Venus/Mercury.
Solutions are possible.
You’ll know them because they give you life.
A sense of freedom and warmth, Wake up!

Uranus is working with extra power as he stations to retreat,

Saturn stabilizes the Sun.
A limit that is beneficial.

~ In summer, waiting for night, we’d pose against the afterglow on corners, watching traffic cruise through the neighborhood. Sometimes, a car would go by without its headlights on and we’d all yell, “Lights!”

“Lights!” we’d keep on yelling until the beams flashed on. It was usually immediate – the driver honking back thanks, or flinching embarrassed behind the steering wheel, or gunning past, and we’d see his red taillights blink on.

But there were times – who knows why? – when drunk or high, stubborn, or simply lost in that glide to somewhere else, the driver just kept driving in the dark, and all down the block we’d hear yelling from doorways and storefronts, front steps, and other corners, voices winking on like fireflies: “Lights! Your lights! Hey, lights!~
– Stuart Dybek

Love YOU!!!!



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