July 24, 2013, and the days ahead…

Is everybody as impatient as I am?

Do we actually have to wait until Mars takes a direct hit in the Cardinal Crossfire,
and receives a party-gram from Pluto and Uranus,
to shake the dust out of our ears and MOVE?



It’s so much less painful to walk than to be pushed, but…
there is no accounting for taste.


This weekend, straight into next week, the devil wakes up,
looks around and gets right in to it!


Totally not what I meant.
I mean, people say and do ridic inflammatory what have you,
and then demand that you not react.

So that could be fun.

Also the potential for accidents is real.
No joking there.

If you stay grounded, it’s a perfect
~watch and learn~
type sky.

For EPIC bold maneuvers,
you totally can be Captain Courageous, with stellar support,
assuming your goals are both practical and high-minded.

Enjoy what you can, while you can.
The sky is offering a Venus/Neptune opposition escape hatch.
Take it!




Sign me up!
It’s just that I also have this itchy trigger finger…


The Moon will move to Pisces later today…
Much Better: Dream ON.
No need to fight for progress when we can Swim…

The unconscious is in the driver seat here.
Is that so wrong?
If your unconscious is a in good shape, is a beautiful place…
could it be so right?

Oh but the unconscious is busy, with crosscurrents and subtleties.
Is a blank slate, (haha!), a deep ocean,
a magnificent forest, or just worn out from the struggle…
could we have a good night’s sleep?!

…could we allll be delusional?

Well we could…

Go with the BIG Picture.

No Air in the Sky, so,
the key here is kindness. Receptivity,
Altruism. Even in Glorious LEO territory
Vibe Water sign,
and just add panache!

This cut goes out to every Aries everywhere in the wide world:
divided loyalty much?
Kickin it oldschool, with the COWS.

double p.s.



Love YOU!!!!


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