July 23, Summer Skies 2015



Sun conjunct Mercury @ Zero Leo!
Welcome to Lion and Tiger Time!

Be a tiger, think like a tiger, be a lion, think like a lion.


Mars still hanging back in Crab.


Flamboyant Cuttlefish anyone?
Defensive reactive posture?

Crab Mars @ 19 degrees squares retro-Uranus in Aries @ 20,
and trines retro-Chiron in Pisces @ 21

Go your own way,
(within the rules, K.thks Saturn)
See it with your personal vision?

A Virgin Venus about to turn around.
~take care of the details? how to arrive at what it is the best value for everyone?~

Our desires are not easily met.
There is a timing issue, and a irritation/frustration factor.

Saturn STILL a HUUUUUUGE player.
The old man squares Venus/Jupiter, & sends an out of sign trine to Sun/Mercury.


The bottom line shows up, and it’s best you know.
Not the easy way, but some which way…hope still makes an appearance.

Get what you want?
after an exhaustive ordeal?
or ummm not?


Cardinal Grand Cross with today’s Libra Moon:
Moon, Mars, Uranus, Pluto! YEOW!

~ It’s not fast
Though it may be sudden. ~

a pressurized build up

hot! hot tempered!
Flash point:



Being cut off from resources & therefore realizing what’s important?

That’s Venus Square Saturn for you.
Work work work for it!


Leo reminds us to present with our heart intact.

Let’s ENJOY. (not kidding!!!) Let’s create out of the endless richness of our core.
Lets move with our inspiration.

Love YOU!!!!


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