July 23, 2013


Hellllo Tuesday!

Is it possible to feel both more grounded AND
like a bomb with a long fuse set to detonate for…


Come On Reality! Do just exactly what I want!!!
riiiiiiiiight now!

Genius and Starpower up there with Andy (Leo) and my all time fav Jean-Michael
Or perhaps Aquarius Moon?!


Either way, they make a pair!

Andy Warhol and his 15mins of Fame concept!
Andy’s Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Neptune all in Leo,
Backed up by Moon/Uranus in Aries, and Saturn in Sagittarius.
Grand Fire Trine.

It’s been reported that Jean-Michael was an Aquarius,
but near as I can tell he was actually a Capricorn (he LOVES suits!)
with either a late Aqua or early Pisces Moon.
Venus in Aquarius, Mercury in Sagittarius, Mars in Crab!
Neptune in Scorp. Uranus in LEO
Both Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn.
He did not live past his Saturn return.

The Moon is still in Aqua,
and the Sun is a newborn Lion.

Busy sky, with sort of a slow reveal set up.

Did some things come to light over the weekend?
Is there more to come?


Love YOU!!!!


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