July 2, 2013


Taurus Moon!

There Must Be…

That’s Saturn, He’s the devil.
He makes you wait. He makes you pay,
He makes you decide.

Where is Desire going to take you?

or maybe you don’t even get there yet…
Too much that MUST be done.
Bigger questions hang in the balance.

Saturn and Taurus, not exactly in a race car today,
with Mars lagging behind in Gemini…
Who wants to choose?

As written yesterday those early avalanche rocks are tumbling,

Or maybe it’s more like springing a leak,
Water can only be held up or denied for so long…
it’s the force to surpass all others.

Meanwhile be wary of accidents! Especially if you have Cardinal planets!
I had a oven blow up in my face today!
I’m fine, and it’s not the first time either… it’s my Mars placement…
It turns ovens insane!

Best way to vibe?
Go Taurus Style and eat yummy food and make out!
Get in your body one way or another…
Listen Up:

That’s how it’s done!

Ella would know allll about this she was a Taurus, Seriously!
Sun Conjunct Venus, Mercury and Jupiter completamente TAURUS.
Mars in Aries, Gemini Moon! Perfectly expressed, no?
Born to sing!


Oh! I added a page up top to make searches easier!
Go to Articles if you want to find something with more depth on a topic…
You still have to poke around, but it may be easier! XoX

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