July 19, 2013


Happy Friday!

It’s kind of a special weekend.
Sailing in to a beautiful dream, ripe with possibilities…
The Moon and Jupiter in Mutual reception.


Get all your feelings in, all your dreamy sideways endeavours.

Plenty of Bounce with the Moon in Sagittarius.
Is it the Cancer/Sag combo that’s bringing up these retro dance cuts?!

How about something from the other end of the Cancer/Sagittarius Spectrum

Cancer is Sagittarius’ 8th house, are Sagittarians sweethearts deep inside?

Are they secretly frightened and fascinated by melty softness and deep emo connections?!
No doubt Sags regard those as dangerous!

Accordions are so old fashioned!
I have SUCH a crush on them! You have no idea! Lol

By Sunday the Moon moves to Cap. hits Pluto and keeps on going…
a little more sombre, and perhaps under fire.

Plenty of support still there if you are looking.
It’s MONDAY that the big guns come out.
For the Full Moon in Aqua DĂ©nouement.
Ready…. Freddy…


Sorry ’bout that. I just think no use in worrying.
or getting twisty in this.
High Mind, OPEN HEART.

We must have Progress.

I’ll give you a post about the Aquarius Full Moon, pronto!
Check back for it, should be up later todayz.


Have a Beautiful Weekend!
I’ll be thinking of you!!!



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2 Responses to July 19, 2013

  1. jgirl says:

    im cancer sun, sag rising, and have enjoyed the cancer/sag energy… when the transiting moon its 24 degrees sag later today it will conj my ascendant and natal neptune rx, im wondering if i may either have dreams, or if dreams from the past will show signs of finally coming to fruition…

    the full moon will be in my 1st house and though its unaspected, im a 7 degree cancer in my 7H so i expect to feel this.

    the full moon is unaspected for my partner too, but when it hits 27 degrees cap just before its full, it will conj his true node.

    im soooo happy that mercury is about to turn direct cause i think its rx just delaying a lot of the grand trine after effects.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey jgirl,

      Nice to hear from you! It’s a pretty strong Moon so I expect everyone to feel it!. There is some torque to it for certain!
      The heat gets turned up on just about everything with Jupiter Conjunct Mars, and Mercury Direct. Full Steam Ahead. : ) xox

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