July 18, 2013

Robin Switzman 2008

The Moon is about to enter Sagittarius!

WHOO HOO! Thank Goodness!
I’ve had just about enough of being harshly sincere.
Thanks Scorp Moon!
Perhaps we could move on to casually adventurous and no second guessing!

That would be nice, right?

This song is rather political for my taste,
but as a Saturn in Scorpio/ Pluto Square Uranus descriptor:

it’s a cover yo!
The original is by The Jam
From 1980! That’s Saturn in Scorpio Territory!
Foreshadowing! Circular Reality?!

Could it be more precise?

It’s the last few days of the Cancer Sun.
It’s alright, even good to be swayed by your feelings.
Don’t apologize for having them! Feelings are what people have!

Messages will start to arrive on Saturday the 20th,
as Merc goes direct, and people weigh in more epically.
LEO season begins a high drama zone extravaganza Monday the 22nd of July.
Try being generous, as this Merc Shadow Zone is going to be all that.
We Will have HOT conversations! Fun? ohidunno?
Maybe not exactly fun.

Anyway, erase all that. Today is Thursday the 18th of JULY,
and as mentioned, the Moon is about to enter Sagittarius!

That’s my Jam!


have fun Kittens!


Love YOU!!!!


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