July 17, 2015


The way out isn’t easy.
The testing points remain and return.

Catch a break?

You’ll catch the break you make.

Frustration level, high to the point of hopeless.
Yet who can deny the beautiful genuine changes in awareness.

Jupiter trine Uranus must be good for something.
A glimmer, a glimpse of the world beyond.

past what we know as possible, there is a restructuring in process,
and seeing the ugly, the unformed, and corrupt is a part of it.

As everyone on the inside of anything knows,
nothing is as glamorous as surfaces.

Tension breaks the surface and the disruption creates fall out.

Is it good?

Yes it’s GOOD.
Is it pretty?

No. No. No.

Love YOU!!!




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2 Responses to July 17, 2015

  1. connelly567 says:

    This post gives me hope. My Saturn is retroing back to the 12th house and will re cross my Ascendent in early fall. Right now I am at the apex of a nightmare scenario at work. A change of boss is a given in the next 2 months and having seen the ugly, I hope the Jupiter- Uranus trine brings truths to the surface. Right now it’s ugly but I am wishing for the good. When Jupiter transits to Virgo, it will be my 10th house so perhaps the last year will be be forgotten.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey connelly567,

      It does sound like an opening/new opportunity at work is a given, with Jupiter in the 10th. Particularly given the Venus retro and then forward motion. You def. ought to receive a way out of the situation and into something better. xoxo

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