July 15, 2013, Weekly Astro Overview


We are not at the finish yet.
However close we seem, and however likely the outcomes…


There is a Cardinal Grand Cross in they Sky today,
and Family/Home/Ambition/Relationship style DRAMA is nearly a given.

It looks to be a strangely eventful couple of weeks.

Uranus Stations to go Retrograde in Aries on Wednesday the 17th.
To Back Up and Apply Pressure on Pluto in Cap.
The Grand Water Trine:
Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, also perfects on the same day.
Remember, with Saturn in play, it’s REAL.

-So everything is necessary. Every least thing. This is the hard lesson. Nothing can be dispensed with. Nothing despised. Because the seams are hid from us, you see. The joinery. The way in which the world is made. We have no way to know what could be taken away. What omitted. We have no way to tell what might stand and what might fall. And those seams that are hid from us are of course in the tale itself and the tale has no abode or place of being except in the telling only and there it lives and makes its home and therefore we can never be done with the telling. – Cormac McCarthy

Surprising Synchronistic Action,
far beyond anything we are used to,
perhaps not to play out in the way we imagined.

Mercury is finally Direct Saturday the 20th, with Mars conjunct Jupiter,
and the Moon in Sagittarius, (building to full in Aquarius)
WORDS Will Be Said!!

I wouldn’t count anyone in or out.
Stay open and flexible,
willing to honor the highest good,
and re-frame, reshape your vision.

Our worlds may shift rapidly
as they say in Little, BIG -just only the brave deserves the fair-

Innovate on the fly?
I think yes

You know who wrote Johnny’s song?
Why, it was June.

Consequences are coming.
But there is no reason to believe these sacrifices,
these changes, are not worth the blood they spill.

I watched The Legend of The Shadowless Sword Yesterday,
and cried my eyes out.
It’s about Ambition, Loyalty, Sacrifice, Love,
and strangely about the meaning of intimacy,
about your life as a gift, and the power of faith.

It’s also nearly nonstop Korean Fighting Action.


Even you don’t love Martial Arts Movies as much as I do,
you might consider watching one this week.

Martial Arts Movie themes almost inevitably are Watery,
enacted with copious and palpable Fire.

Loyalty, Passion, Revenge, Sacrifice, Devotion.
The meaning of love, the meaning of family,
a warrior’s peaceful heart,
they get existential pretty fast.

Expect a shock this week and perhaps freedom that looks like a prison,
or a prison that looks like freedom…

Have you ever witnessed a miracle?

Do you know when you are having good luck?

Love YOU!!!


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4 Responses to July 15, 2013, Weekly Astro Overview

  1. Jgirl says:

    The thing that concerns me is freedom that looks like prison. When u say u wouldn’t count anyone in or out that makes sense. I really can’t wait for mercury direct though I hope the trine brings something good!

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Jgirl,

    I mean it on an abstract level. Life itself is that sort of thing. Confined/imprisoned within a human form and free to do what we do.
    It’s a 12th house signature, I don’t really mean anything especially tricky.
    It’s more thatwith Saturn in Scorpio, and Uranus Square Pluto, there are extremes, and no shortcuts or easy answers. Sacrifice is a given, even if your dreams are coming true. Any promise or decision, any new direction is a bind and a freedom. If you choose one way the other door seems to close. It requires faith. Does that make better sense?
    I am looking forward with real curiosity to see all this choreography in action. it’s very beautiful!
    And looking forward to Merc Direct as well! Thanks for writing! xo

  3. Thanks for the post and Ring of Fire! I come back to June’s version over and over. So powerful.

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hey Soft Graffiti,

    Thank you for writing! I do love June’s version, it’s a whole other thing! xo

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