July 14, 2016


Scorpio Moon, Cancer Sun.
Mercury and Venus conjunct in Leo.

The Moon about to crash into Mars, with encouragement from Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.
Strong feelings, or just quantum level frustration?

The Water Sun, Mars, Chiron trine still working.
The idea is to push past humiliation, or imagined humiliation,
to open up, not only to the world around you, which, (especially now) can be painful,
but also to open up to yourself.

Great day to feel that passionate longing or dissatisfaction which is so awful and so fundamental to our progress.
Great day to cry and then go out dancing.
Perfect day to spend horizontally occupied with a like-minded co-conspirator.

It could get dramatic, ideas are uncompromising, and the fear quotient is high.
Open when you want to shut, and if that is too much, let go, reconnect with yourself.

Accomplish what you can. Keep breathing.

What you are trying to avoid here is the hide under a rock and lash out routine.
drama, drama, drama

It’s very brave to stay in touch with your actual feelings while not judging yourself or others, while not imagining that this series of emotional triggers will perpetuate into infinity, or that these decisions, (so pressing, so imminent, so impossible) can not ever be made into a functional next step. They can, they will, frightening, thrilling, and extraordinary, obvious of course, but no less inexplicable.
If you do hide, there’s always tomorrow…

Love YOU!!!


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