June 12, 2013


Let’s not forget to GEMINI, while we still can!
Make that phone call!
Send a text… and see your friends!
What are you, a lonely island?
No a human. They need others of their species.
They shrivel and die if too long alone.

The Moon is in LEO,
a good time to blow things out of proportion, or have a blast.
It’s a volatile messy sky, and now is as good a time as any to enjoy it!

UberTripper Taurus Visonary David Byrne calls it pretty well.
Oh My goodness!!! Correction! I had written that David had pretty much no fire,
except pluto and his south node.
A reader with same birthday wrote in about their merc, at 29 Aries.
I had to double check it! I was totally wrong!
David has that 29 degree Aries Mercury, and with his Virgo Asc,
that is going shape quite a bit!
He def. made a new sound!

(we are in the shadow of crab merc retro… now a player! fo sho)

David’s Sun, Venus, and Jupiter are in Taurus!
Aries Mercury, Capricorn Moon, and Virgo rising.
Don’t let anyone tell you that earth signs are not f*cking Visionary, because,
um they sure are, and what’s more, they know how to accomplish that vision!

The other thing his chart screams, is the power of embracing your north node,
while using your south.
His North? Aquarius!!!
That’s right!

a strange day today, things could spin in nearly any direction.

future is written in the present…

just NOW just Now just now

Love YOU!!!


Everything true for yesterday, still as true today…
look backward for more details but the moon has moved and the vibe has shifted,
we need light and air to breathe!

double p.s.

don’t you love how he keeps asking for something to EAT!?!

<3 Taurus <3


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6 Responses to June 12, 2013

  1. Jgirl says:

    Your posts are really inspiring and I completely relate to them. Still waiting for the surprise event to take place, experiencing a complete Neptune fog as a cancer, and the Gemini holds the key, always thinking, debating, waiting, and then impulsively making a decision when he feels the compelling urge… We shall see, truly hoping its each other we “go back” for… Could dreams from the past few weeks or even months or years be applicable or only dreams during this period? Regarding dreams a becoming a reality?

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Jgirl,

    Thanks for writing! Neptunian fog!!!! I hear that! It’s hazy out there/in there!
    Many Gems I know are having a time of it, endlessly on the fence these days… you sound like you really want to talk to him, or to spend more time together, could that be a good place to start? I think dreams from anytime are applicable now, and not just the ones you have when you are sleeping, the ones you hold in your heart as well! xo p.s don’t forget that merc retro in Crab, is coming up, that’s a rethink for both. + A lot of shoes will drop, or fit cinderella style, once saturn goes direct in July, there are a lot of puzzle pieces here… xoxx

  3. C-Lee says:

    So interesting you posted about David Byrne because we share the same birthday…only differences are my Mercury is on the cusp at 29 Aries & Taurus Ascendent. “Just a job” would be slow death, it must have meaning, but heavy 12th house influence keeps me in the shadows a little, me things… Enjoy your site very much, creative, eclectic, insightful – th

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hey C-Lee!
    I’m happy you like it! I’m so glad to mentioned your birthday, I had to double check, and I was wrong! Eeeeeep! David Byrne has a 29degree Aries Merc, just like YOU! So there is fire. Life without meaning?! NO NO. With that much Taurus, I’m sure you are making the world more beautiful. <3 We have tons of 12th house people stopping over here....so you are in good company. Thanks for writing! xox

  5. jgirl says:

    thanks lighting… i just am a cancer worry wart, and need to keep the negative thoughts out of my head… we havent seen each other in a long time… almost 4 months, after a series of fights following the 1st 2 uranus pluto squares. in retrospect, i see how they were necessary for our growth. he came back around when pluto went retro (the day pluto went retro to be exact) and we started communicating again… the day venus entered gemini in may, he called and attempted to make plans with me, but i was out of town… since then, there has been communication, but no plans made… he had a birthday… i mailed him a funny card… im sure he appreciated it and he did thank me for it and said it made him laugh… but over the past week 1/2 he has backed off, and i need to let him come to me. i tried suggesting getting together a few times, but he did not take the bait… i do believe he is weighing it all out in his gemini head, because we’ve reached the point where we are at a crossroads in our relationship on where we go from here… no more in between… and yes, he’s been through a tremendous amount of emotional, financial, and spiritual turmoil over the past few years, so im being as patient and non threatening as i can be, while maintaining my boundaries. thanks again for your insight, i really look forward to reading your posts!

  6. o_lightning says:

    Hey jgirl,
    I get it.
    Life is COMPLEX. It does sound like one of those ‘fullness of time scenarios’ ! Sending lots of love! xox

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