July 12, 2013 Merc Retro/Virgo Moon


The Merc Retro is in full force now!

Communications are tough to manage.
Texts or emails, even phone calls can be lethal!
even if it is GOOD news!
What was said? What was meant? Does it even matter?!

Oh my goodness!
I feel like a jellyfish! Just blobbing into people and stinging them accidentally.


The Moon is in Virgo, for the weekend, where precision is valued!
Good luck with that!
With the Moon and Mercury in Mutual Reception,
maybe, just maybe, we might be less misunderstood…
or we might understand but be unable to explain it.

Try just checking things off your to do list.
it may be somewhat possible.

Or maybe not,

if not, at least take care of your health, your pets.
That much we can handle.
It’s a hard Moon to make a decision under,
should you be forced to do such a thing…

Not really kidding

Do something kind for someone else…
it’s easier than trying to make any sense at all.

Nonsense can howevs be super beautiful,
and fill you with happiness…


Pure ridic happy mixed messages.

Love YOU!!!


special note to Taurus, news you are waiting and waiting and waiting on may not show until
Merc Direct. Try to enjoy the now, anywhichwayyoucan. <3

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