July 11, 2016



Mars woke up and didn’t waste any time, the God of War doing what he does best.


Scorpio Mars implies that more than one thing is happening. There is a motivation below the surface.
There are advantages being taken, manipulation is a given.

Paranoia won’t help.


the problems are not new, but new solutions are imminent

Accomplish your short term goals and position yourself for the long term.
Not that you may be certain what the long term looks like, given the level of flux.

Come as close as you can while you keep your eyes open.
Ready to roll.

Use all the water in the sky to keep you open, flowing, breathing.


Unfortunately Jupiter Virgo can not corral opportunities and progress into manageable steps,
but you will manage them anyway. The slow victory of paperwork. The correct document at the correct time.
Focus on the specific over the general.

Mars direct puts people back in touch with their anger.
Anger is an incredibly useful emotion.

It’s often easier to cope with Mars in retrospect,
but where in the world would we have managed to arrive without it?


In your personal history, right down to the microcosm, what made you mad, and you vowed to accomplish, to protect?

Manage it like a fire, where you burn only what is dead.

The Moon in Libra is a catalyst today, caught between the Sun/Mercury/Venus and Pluto in Cap, while Uranus in Aries will arrange a kick in the head that throws us into a Cardinal Grand Cross overnight.

So much to keep up with,
Structural Changes.


Do you remember way back in 2012, where we talked about the decade to come as a sort of hybrid between the 1960’s and the USA revolutionary war era? Here we are, and as ever astrology astonishes me with it’s accuracy. A mirror and a measure.

Don’t forget to love hard & to breathe freely, wherever and whenever you can.
This is the time we have, and you are here now with breath in your body and love to give.


Tomorrow Venus will be in Leo, that’s our cue to radiate.

Model what success looks like. Offer your warmth.

Our Water trine, Sun/Mercury/Mars/Chiron, continues to encourage us to protect our own.
Saturn in Sag. adds a potential xenophobia that can be truly frightening.

Another angle on this is to act with compassion when we address the wounds of ourselves and others. Remembering that we are all wounded.

You can’t fix everything, trust your intuition on when to press ahead, and when to regroup.

Love YOU!!!!


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