July 1, 2016 Mars Direct


Have we gone through enough?
Have we gone through enough to loosen our grip on what we thought was supposed to happen.
All the inertia gives way to relief that ~ something ~ will happen even if that something was previously unimaginable.
We can’t resist the waterfall now, and over we go.


Is the (a) point of life not to get what we want, but to be able to create more than we destroy? If we are creating now, remember that we are creating at least in equal parts to our destruction, and what dies, what is burnt, and drowned, blown apart by gale force winds, what is hacked apart by large knives, was it partially dead already?

Or is that the tragedy?
Heart still beating and a knife through that heart?

Will we ever know?

Pack it up. Train leaving the station.

Grief is a transformative emotion linked to joy. We will have that now, we will have them both. Lucky to be alive. Lucky to be facing these challenges. Lucky to have a hill to climb. We will not lay in a ditch to be buried alive, but instead will do the obvious, the unthinkable, rise and walk. Run if we have to.

Happy July 1st


Love YOU!!!!!


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2 Responses to July 1, 2016 Mars Direct

  1. Sophie says:

    Thanks Omie! Still staggering forward. What a ride. Your messages help a lot 🙂 xx

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sophie!
      So sorry!! Somehow I missed this!!! Whoops! Thanks for writing, and glad to hear you are keeping on keeping on. What a world!!! Sending Love to you!!! <3

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