July 1, 2014 Mercury Direct

A baby Musk Ox just a few weeks old.


Mercury trines the North Node, as he moves ahead.
Messenger of destiny indeed.

Palazzo Labbia Venice

The Moon moves from LEO to Virgo.
We have the shape of things to come.

~Now we begin to fill in the details.~

Mercury Storm as we put our puzzle together,
it took me ages to post this, much resistance from the sky.

The shape of our obligations has changed under the Saturn Retrograde



The New Moon in Crab showed us how.

~For the most part, for the better, things aren’t what they were. ~

How does it look, now that it’s no longer theoretical?

Ironing out wrinkles, of which there are many,
some appear the size of Montana with the tenacity of a stubborn stain.
Looks can be deceptive, howevz,

On an instinctual level, people know things are going to give now,
the slightest breeze knocks the boulder down the hill,
whatever has stood in the way of our progress:
by the end of July, it’s no longer standing.

It’s a clean breeze blowing in, sure it shakes the foundations,
but here you still are, reading this, and Kansas was so very dull.

Love YOU!!!!


Cardinal Grand Cross over the weekend.
Use Caution, yes really

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