January 7, 2014 Extended Cardinal Cross Construction.

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How Fitting that all the Cold Cold CAPRICORN has brought us a

What a great phrase!
A+ on the marketing of extreme cold.

First some hope:

Why wedding songs?
It’s the idea that you have made a decision and will continue on with it.
The Stellium in Capricorn asks for substance,
to be enacted over time, and despite obstacles.

Some of us are not all there yet:
We are still gathering ideas and evidence, still weighing options and outcomes.
Nothing wrong, so long as it’s active. So long as you begin.

Whether or not what you commit yourself to lasts,
is not a measure of it’s worth, yours, or the worth of anyone else.

Instead, the victory is won in having made the offering of your devotion,
your faith, your capacity to trust, to let the cards fall where they may.

Your ability to trust in your life,
in your capacity to continue on, win or lose, is being called on.

It’s a risk benefit analysis that says the benefit is worth the risk.
Saturn/Pluto will tell you like nothing else,
that there is benefit in failure at least as much as success.
Capricorn = TIME
To survive and negotiate ongoing devotion of your energy in any direction = commitment.

BE AWARE this very much holds for a commitment you make to yourself,
to your own life.
You don’t need a partner to play this game.

We are all being asked to make commitments over the next 6months,
to turn north, south, east, west, and move with sincerity.


We take action, with the idea that it will lead us somewhere…
In these circumstances, passivity is an invitation to dire developments.

You must seize your chance when you see it,
and realize even then, it will not be easy.
If there are no visible chances,
you must use your wits to waken the demon, the dragon,
the genie who rules your particular bottle, and scrape, scramble
or rise like smoke up and out, to face the wide wide world.

Or could it be an interior struggle?
If you are always running away, do you now have to stay?

Could be.

The point is, a change.
In this particular time and place,
nearly every interior alteration corresponds to an exterior development.

We are builders now. With all the problems that construction supplies.
We run out of material, it’s the wrong fittings, the crew is late,
we have bought the wrong type of plaster/grout/finish/paint/wood/tile and severely
underestimated our costs.
It takes longer than expected,
At the end of the day we are muddle headed, isolated and bone tired.

And YET, a crew is needed, we are building something meant to last.
We must not go it completely alone.

Note to self:
don’t skimp on the floor joists: always a bad idea!

Love YOU!!!


give me a shout if you want to sort this… I’ll be around!

double p.s.

Mercury in Aquarius by Saturday!!!!
I’m going to write about it!
~As the Sun conjuncts Venus~ NICE.
Super psyched to have that to work with our ongoing Mars in Libra!
I heart Mercury in Air signs. The freedom to think!!!

* Rad Bubble photos

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4 Responses to January 7, 2014 Extended Cardinal Cross Construction.

  1. connelly567c says:

    First of all, I love the cat photograph !

    Yesterday, I was down with a lot of misplaced anger. This morning, a conversation changed that. New Beginnings, not there yet, trust, continued risk, time action,6 months ,builders, longer than usual; Just when I thought I couldn’t take another year like the last 5, I’m reading my life story in your latest post. I’m one of those Cardinals that faces the Grand Crosses and T-Squares with the hopes of reaching the other side. I’m going to trust in my life and continue on. Mars in my Sun sign for 7 months demands it.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hi connelly 567c,

      Thanks for writing! I love the kitty too. Trust in your life all the way: here you are! You got Mars on your side you negotiate all challenges. Anger is pretty useful as a heads up, if you can find out what the message is. I think of it like an alarm system sometimes. xox

  2. Trisha Myers says:

    This Reading of the Cardinal Grand Cross in this first January week of 2014 is marvelous. Bravo to you for writing the “story” of the journey just now. Everything here resonates with me: uncertainty, huge question marks hanging over my head like giant umbrellas, anticipation of the Good Things to come, a recognition of deep inspiration for my work, yet. . .yet. .those question marks again popping up in my heart. “Is this–or that–the right thing? the wrong thing?” Is it “worth it?” Lastly: “Am I worth it/” not matter what? Thank you for this Tone Poem. It’s healing.

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