January 7, 2013

Happy Monday! The Moon is in Scorpio with the North Node and Saturn.

….perceptive Much???

Scorpio Saturn and Aquarius Mars still in aspect

Saturn and Pluto still in aspect to Capricorn Sun/Mercury/Pluto…
Strategic Planning! No rest for the wicked! The devil takes care of his own!

I wish! kidding, just kidding!

It’s one of those, the more you do, the more you done did, days.
Do it to it.

Structure is a big theme all week.
Venus is just about to cross over into Capricorn to join the status and achievement party, long term love and long term money. Venus in Capricorn has standards, people! Is that lint on your shirt?!

Uranus in Aries squares Venus, and you could do the sudden attraction, and/or at least as likely, you will be called upon to find a new way, to adjust your values to what is relevant NOW, perhaps in contrast to tradition and family conditioning.

Detach, analyze, problem solve.

This week will reward clear-eyed innovative pragmatists, and those patient enough to be clever.

The Big News in the New Moon in Capricorn on Friday!

With most of the sky piled up in Cappy the New Moon is asking us for some real commitment. Capricorn has no interest in half measures.

The New Moon is about beginnings. With the heavy, heavy Saturn in the sky, I do think this is a chance to tackle some long standing problems, or to begin to climb a mountain that you previously found too high. Mars in Aquarius is going to ask you to take a new approach to problem solving, there must be a key that fits this lock…

give me a shout and I will help you find it!

Neptune in Pisces is so easily forgotten, but here she is still in easy aspect to Venus… she’s subtly, invisibly, moving and removing signs and symbols, switching up the landscape of desire.. giving us what we need, just at the nick of time… or leaving us in some sort of necessary and organic useful confusion… like a seed in rich soil, something is growing, methinks in the proper direction, can we see it? No Not Yet.

Love YOU!!!


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