January 5, 2014


has the other shoe dropped?

Are we wandering barefoot,
face to face with… well… what would you call it?


Pisces Moon for the Full Water Trine by Sunday.
Moon, Jupiter, Saturn.

It’s a little surreal for reality,
what with money flying out the door by the handful,
or being held far too tight in our grubby little palms,
Money what money?

and what love is not also deep in the throws of a nurturing dark pragmatism?

nurturing dark pragmatism

Is there such a thing?


Yes there is right now, with plotting and planning,
with secrets:
you can’t tell everyone how you feel, or what you are up to…
especially not them, it’s complicated,
and if it’s not complicated in reality, it is in your mind…

Still wrapping up unfinished biz,
the tail end of our old reality dovetailing into this one.

Or should I say the consequences of our old choices
writing the script for our brand new obstacles,
who are as yet infant obstacles, only half developed…

Just wait until they grow teeth!

A vision has come forward.

Will it last?

tune in next week…

Love YOU!!!!


I’m going to be in New Orleans for a week as of Thursday the 9th!!!
If anyone wants a real live consult, give a shout!

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  1. Tam says:

    Oh I love New Oreleans!! I hope you have a wonderful time. Eat a beignet for me! 🙂

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