January 29, 2016


A catalyst is a good thing to have as the Libra Moon trines the Aquarius Sun and goes on to Square Mercury/Pluto and oppose Uranus.
Duck and cover Crabs. Or set a goal. Activate. Shell UP! Pincers DOWN!

There may be an element of surprise!

Do be ruthless, but only in a way that could be described as healthy.
Pull those weeds!
Jupiter holds tight to the North Node, setting up a promise to be fulfilled by the balance of the year.

You will have to respond, but you can do your reacting in private.
Mercury in Capricorn adores self-control.

With the Sun and Moon in Air, being social is a given.
Making and breaking connections.
Electric, unsubtle. Sharp.

Some possibilities emerge over the next month as Saturn trines .
It’s foreshadowing. Saturn begins his retrograde by the end of March.
Think of this moment as ground work.


What shifts and breaks only set a stage?
Does what comes together show where the glue is needed?
This is new territory, and someone has to walk here first.

Love YOU!!!!



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