January 29, 2013


Jupiter Direct Tomorrow!

What What!
( Whenev I say what what, I hear Liz Lemon saying it, haha! der.)

So happy about that JUPITER!

Friday Mars moves to Pisces and Venus to Aquarius:
A Quirky girl and a Sensitive man
peculiar attraction with mysterious affects.

Innovative creations designed by your dreams…

How does that bumble bee fly again?
Oh yes, from flower to flower.

Neptune and Jupiter are the rulers of Pisces
Saturn and Uranus are the Rulers of Aquarius
Bending time and space to make something new?

Both Aquarius and Pisces both want to make the world a better place
Aquarius with handheld Lasers, and Pisces with flying tigers

either way, Jupiter direct is going to help.

For today, keep on track, sez Virgo Moon,
mind the details, esp. regarding health and cleaning, (yes really)
pets too.

Today the Moon sextiles Saturn, trines Pluto/North Node, and opposes Neptune/Chiron.
Pretty good recipe for helping someone else.
Virgo Moon finds helping restorative.

I love this one. Such a classic!



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