January 25, 2013


Still Crabby on our way to la luna LEO.

The curtain opens Saturday night, but aspects are felt as they are applying.
You are officially in the Full Moon Zone from now ’till Monday. It’s a big one!

Leo likes to play, If you can go out, I would do it!


The Sun is still in Aqua though, Mars and Mercury too,
it’s a brilliant day for breakthrough concepts
making connections.

Venus in Standards (Capricorn) Opposes the Moon In Crab. Feelings.
How will you ever measure up?

Jupiter trine the Sun in Aqua sez:

By just not giving a care.

Your standards are they only ones that really matter!
Will that fly? maaaaaaybe
Independent? Yes, but you still gotta play fair with everyone on the team.
So sez a rawther frustrated Mercury Square Saturn.

Emotions surface today, and memories, a Crab Moon specialty.

Taurus is in the line of fire all weekend
With that fixed T-square in place
Leo Moon/Aqua Sun/ Squared by Scorp.
but who is stronger than a Taurus?

errr nobody.


Sometimes I think this picture is a Virgo carrying a Taurus,
but more often I think it’s a Taurus with her animal nature.
What do you think?

Love YOU!!!


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5 Responses to January 25, 2013

  1. Leah says:

    Its definetly a virgo and taurus. I am virgo woman married to taurus man. I love my bull.

  2. Hannibal says:

    That girl seems more like a Taurus to me. But she certainly has some Virgo vibe too. I would say she’s might be a Taurus Sun /Virgo Moon, or something like that.. 🙂

  3. Anibal says:

    I decided to wait a few days after Merc. station direct to reply. Mercury Retro. was big for mistypes
    ”I would say she´s might be a Taurus…” What was that? LOL
    On second thought I would describe that picture as a Taurus SUn / Virgo Rising. It reminds me of a cousin of mine who’s a Taurus. Even the type of body… I know several Tauruses like that!

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